Something A Little Gothic

I’ve been working on getting back to work after some interruptions.  There’s still a great deal I want to learn how to do in Blender 3D.  So for some fun and practice I did a quick one day build of some Gothic architecture.  Its not really a cathedral, though many Continue Reading →

Heidi the Brain Worm

If you know much about me you know I’m a huge fan of the tv program Face Off, currently in season 10.  This season two of the artist, Robert Lindsay (@MMMutant) and Katie Kinney (@KinneyEffects) teamed up in a challenge to create an alien organism.  Thus was born Hans the Continue Reading →

Digital Canary (working title)

I’ve started writing some fiction again, my first story in years.  The reasons don’t really matter now except to say I’ve been in a very long creative dead zone.  Happily I seem to be breaking out of that and it feels very good to be writing again. The working title Continue Reading →