A Busy Week


This past week has been long and busy. Its Spring or as I like to call it “allergy hell time”. So far my allergies haven’t given me too much trouble but I haven’t slept well all week. So right now I’m writing my blog late Friday night (I usually have it done by Wednesday) and feeling pretty drained.

It has also been a busy week. I finished up another prop set this week which should be available for purchase at YURdigital soon. It is another table and chair set, this time a colonial style set including two large tables, a smaller end table, fiddleback chair, and a stool. Below is a sneak peak…

Colonial set 03

I’ll be doing another blog post as soon as the set is up for sale with direct links to the catalog.

Turning out these sets, becoming a vendor at YURdigital (and learning about that process), has been a learning process for me. Its one thing to make 3D models as a hobby but quite another to turn things out for sale that have to be high quality and professional both in how they are made and how they are presented. Add to that working under a deadline, trying to get things done quickly and its a very different experience. Being efficient in your workflow from concept to modeling to UV Maps to textures to getting the product ready for release becomes very important. Happily I seem to be adapting to it and my speed is steadily improving.

This past week I also managed to finish up an art render, Moonlight Fae Serenade. It felt good to get some more art done, that’s been something that I wanted to make more time for. Now that I’ve got a couple prop sets done and out for sale, I want to take this coming week and focus on some art. I’ve got some 2D and 3D projects I want to work on. Filling up my art gallery is one of my goals for this year, its way too barren right now!

So, a week of art and then back to some 3D model projects. That’s it for my weekend blog, really short one this week cause I’m tired!

Oh, if you want help a struggling artist (namely me), go buy my stuff!


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