A Tuesday Quickie


So last Tuesday (8th August) I was looking for some inspiration for something I could model pretty quickly.  I’ve been trying to push myself to model more things, and learn to do it both faster and more frequently.  At the time I was also chatting and joking with friends on Twitter when an image popped up in my timeline that caught my attention.

The pic came from an article in Creative Houses ( @crthouses ) and it fit just the kind of thing I was looking for.  So, I went to work and in about 30 min… … I had a polymodel that looked pretty close to the original.  It actually took me longer to UVMap and texture it than it did to model it.  But that’s not really surprising, I’ve focused more on poly modeling in Blender 3D than I have doing texturing, texture painting or rendering and those are all area’s I’m having to learn more about.

So, after a few more hours (in between tweeting and watching SyFy’s Face Off) I had a finished result.

Not bad… eh?

If you’re curious the wood texture was a free one from Textures.com  The metal on the drawer handle was a procedural effect done with the Cycle’s node system.  Here’s a screen shot of the set up I used.An that’s it, just a simple quick project as I keep honing my skills.

As always, keep being creative!



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