Who Is BardicHeart Productions?

My name is P. Sean O’Neal, and BardicHeart Productions is my business alter ego for my various commercial creative pursuits. These include digital and graphic art, 3D modelling, and fiction. At present I am returning professionally to various artistic endeavors after a long hiatus. During the late 1990′s I had a short career as a graphic artist and a self taught 3D modeller. However, an opportunity came to pursue a career as a painting contractor doing both residential and decorative painting, which later expanded into being a general building contractor. I enjoy working as a contractor, but found it left me little time for my previous artistic outlets. Unfortunately the collapse of the US housing market in 2008-09 brought my career as a building contractor to an abrupt end.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. The nice thing about being multi-talented is you’ve always got something else to fall back on. On a personal note, I’ve been called a Renaissance man, having enjoyed building things as much as art and philosophy.

After two years of struggling I decided to return to some of my previous art interests. Realizing the growth of both online gaming and online virtual worlds I decided there could be a good future for myself in 3D modelling and digital art, something I had enjoyed in the past. I am looking forward to working in a variety of fields related to 3D graphics, possibly eventually including game design and developing content for online virtual worlds.

At present I am primarily focusing on 3D modelling and related graphics and art. However I am also available for other forms of commercial graphic projects such as web graphics, business logos and graphics, commercial art and texture packs, etc. Additionally I am also returning to my literary interests and intend to eventually publish several novels. In the meantime I will be publishing some shorter fiction for free.

The name BardicHeart

Just what is a BardicHeart, I get asked this fairly often. The answer goes back more than 20 years ago. I have always had a passion for poetry and as it happens I’ve also quite an Irish heritage. Among friends I’m known for sometimes quoting bits of poems and during one evening a friend remarked that I had the heart of a poet. Another friend made the connection between an poet and an Irish bard and henceforth dubbed BardicHeart. Surprising the monicker stuck and I’ve used it as both an online screen name, business name, etc. many times through the years. So what is a BardicHeart, just your typical poetry loving Irishman.