I use a variety of software to create my graphics and art.  Below is a list of the software I use for those interested.

  • Paint Shop Pro X7
  • GIMP v2.8.6
  • Filter Forge v3
  • RIOT
  • Blender v2.75
  • Poser 9
  • Manga Studio 4 EX
  • Anime Studio Pro 8.2
  • RPG Maker VX Ace

I use Blender 3D for all my 3D models.  I’ve really come to enjoy using it and am continually impressed with just how much it can do.  To date I’ve focused on hard surface models, but will start venturing into soft body / organic models in the future (creature creation is a direction I really want to go in).  I’m also beginning to learn to do animation within Blender and am very excited about that.

I still use Photoshop CS5 Ext some, but am using it less and less as I gain proficiency with Paint Shop Pro.  I also use GIMP some, but prefer PSP, some part of GIMP’s GUI and I just don’t get along.  I’m still learning both Manga Studio and Anime Studio.  Although Blender does have good sculpting tools, I’d still like to get Zbrush at a later date; its still much better for sculpting and has some other tools that would be useful in modelling.  I’d also like to add Corel Draw later for its superior vector graphic tools and possibly Corel Painter.

I have the full version of RPG Maker VXA, which I’m enjoying quite a bit.  Currently I’m learning RGSS3 (Ruby scripting) to enable me to eventually write my own scripts for RPG Maker (and also as a step towards later learning C++).  I’ve also been collecting new tilesets, sprites, and music resources to use in future game projects.  Learning to create my own pixel art is another challenge I’ll be taking on.

Ccurrently have the demo versions of the Unity and UDK engines installed but have a lot to learn about them both.  For now I’m focusing on learning to create and export objects from Blender to these game engines, but eventually I want to tackle 3D game design as well.


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