My latest 3D model project is a set of cages for Poser 6+.  I didn’t have any good ones in my content library that I really liked, and most weren’t versatile enough to be used in a variety of different scenes.  I’ve just finished the model, rigging and morphs for one cage and am planning to make 4-5 more cages in different shapes and styles for variety.

This first cage is a low long one with a door that opens and closes.

Cage test 09But it comes with morphs to adjust the height, making it taller; as well as a morph to bend and twist the bars and door to create a damaged look as if something has tried (or succeeded) to escape.

Cage test 08

Although I have the UVMapping done and the templates made I still have all the actual texture to make which will include a mix of metal, wood and even glass / plastic.  The model was built using Blender 3D 2.71, including the material groups and UVMaps; then exported to Poser 9 where I set up the rigging and morphs.

I’m hoping to have the full set finished and ready for sale at YURdigital by the end of November.


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