Lessons Learned from MMOs

I don’t claim to be the most avid online gamer, there are a lot of games I’ve never played.  There are only so many hours in a day after all.  Still, when I do play various games I try to pay attention to what seems to work and what doesn’t; Continue Reading →

Fantasy RPGs

I’ve been thinking a lot about fantasy RPGs lately.  Maybe it was spending time at the Carolina Renaissance Festival or some research for an upcoming project creating 3D models of small castles; either way I’ve been missing the genre.  Working with RPG Maker, most of what I’ve been doing has Continue Reading →

Games and Graphics

I’ve been learning more about RPG Maker over the last couple of weeks.  For now I’m using the free Lite version while I work through several tutorials available and learn the basics.  Initially, I thought this would be fun for doing some simple games and learning some basics of game Continue Reading →