Digital Art

A collection of my digital art created with various 3D software.  I create based on inspiration, on what I find interesting or amusing or moving.  That may come from a song, a book I happen to be reading, an unusually bright mood, or a single sentence uttered in a casual conversation.  Inspiration comes from sometimes surprising places and I try to simply listen.  For me art is about those things that move us, whether that is towards laughter or tears, smiles or sorrow, joy or sadness, the solemn or the silly; or anything in between.

Note:  When I rebuilt my web site I decided to start again with more recent and new art.  I may eventually add older pieces but for now I prefer to focus on where I am going rather than where I have been.  This gallery will gradually refill as I find both the time and the means to depict the images dancing in my head.  Stay tuned, more to come.

All images are copyright of P. Sean ONeal, all rights reserved and my not be used, copied or reproduced for any purpose without written consent.



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