Feeling Better, Internet and RPG Maker


Belated Update

Here’s a late update, I missed my weekly post due to not feeling well and some other issues.  I’m feeling better though I’m having ongoing problems with my allergies.  I’ve been dealing with near constant allergy attacks since early June but I’m not sure what the cause is.  Overall, however, I’m feeling a lot better and getting back to my regular routine.

Internet Outage

I had some issues with my internet ISP as well.  Turns out the cable modem was going out.  I’ve gotten that replaced and the worst of the problems seem to be resolved.  There are still a few connection issues I haven’t been able to resolve, hopefully a scheduled visit from a tech will take care of that.

RPG Maker

Amid all this I have some good news, I just got the full version of RPG Maker VX Ace.  So I’ll be setting aside some time to play with that and learn more about using it.  I still have a lot to learn before I attempt making a game to share, mostly in the area of common event script (something you don’t get the chance to work with in the Lite version, its disabled), as well as balancing encounters, and a few other things.  I also still need to learn to make tile sets and sprites.  But hopefully in the near future I’ll have some simple games I can share.

Oh and if you happen to have some experience with it or with any of the expansion packs, drop me a line, I won’t turn down any free advice.

My RPG Project

I’m still working on my RPG project in my spare time.  One of the first things I started with was a set of tables for randomly generating planetary systems and basic planet characteristics based on current scientific info.  That’s progressing and while I intend to include it in an RPG to be published later, I’ve decided to finish just those tables and put it into a form that can be published as a system agnostic PDF for any sci-fi RPG (i.e. Traveller, GURPS Space, etc.).  The system I’m developing uses real world physics and current data from NASA and other sources as a basis for generating a star and planets, planetary temps, climate, and ecology.  I’ve also had a bit of fun coming up with my own “solution” to the Drake equation in working out the frequency of planets with life and what kind of life that might be ranging from microbial slime to plants and invertebrates to complex life to sentient life.  I can’t say yet how long it will take to finish the system, I want to be fairly thorough but at the same time I want to make it very usable and not too complex.  Can be tough to strike the right balance between the level of detail and streamlining the system.

3D Projects

Next week I’ll be finally getting back to my 1930s building which has suffered a lot of delays.  I want to get that project wrapped up so I can move on to other things.  In the future I think I’ll be focusing on some sci-fi projects: buildings, space ships, aliens, etc.  I’m really itching to start making some poseable figures and creatures.  Will probably start with some robots and other basic figures before diving into creature designs.  Looking forward to it all, should be a lot of fun.

So there you are, that’s the news.  Will be back to my regular weekly posts this weekend.  Keep being creative!


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