Fountain Preview


I’m still finishing up all the 3D models for my Garden Project.  I’m almost done, just some small props left to create and then I can focus on making the textures for the set.  Today I finished up the main fountain, which I haven’t named yet.  It was an interesting build and I’m very pleased with how it turned out.  I’ll be setting it up for Poser in sections that can be removed or re-arranged to create a little variation.  The fish on the side of the fountain are separate and can be positioned as desired, more added or some removed.  Each fish will have a jet of water shooting out of its mouth (still to be made), and there will be an “umbrella” spray of water coming out of the top of the fountain (also still on my to do list).    Below is the raw model with no textures or mapping done yet.

fountain model 02

The model is roughly 40,000 verts / 40,000 polys as shown above, which gives good detail without going overboard on the poly count.

Below is an early test render with some very basic textures done in Poser 6.  Most of the UV Mapping is done, which is rather complex and required 10 separate UV Maps for all the components.  It has a lot of individual material groups assigned to it so that the appearance can be altered in a variety of ways.  I still have the permanent textures to make for it yet.

fountain model 04


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