Galaxies, cameras, animation!


The first of my new banner graphics is up!

cropped-headers-1600x400-G.jpgThe image was created in Blender 3D 2.74.  It was done using the particle physics engine along with some effects done with the Cycles rendering engine to create the glow effect.  There is no post work done on the image.  This was also my first project using particle physics.

I’m learning about animating the camera in Blender, something else I haven’t done before.  My goal is to take the above galaxy model and have the camera do a flyby, circling around the galaxy before diving through it.  Should have that up soon.

I’m still working on my space ship project as well.  I plan to post a blog article focusing on it soon and discussing some of the design process.  Once the model is finished I intend to do a short animation with it moving through a solar system or perhaps on approach to a red planet.

I have a lot yet to learn in Blender.  I’ve done very little rigging and no weight mapping.  Character creation, rigging and animation is another area I’ve not explored but am looking forward too, especially making creatures!  But I also need to make sure I finish some existing projects.  I’ve got a set of cages to finish up, a garden, and an ancient ruin that all need to be completed.  Plenty to keep me busy!

Towards that goal I’m working to make it a habit to work on a 3D model every day, even if its only for 30 min or so.  The point is to build that habit of working at projects consistently every day.  My work habits haven’t been very good and that has to change if I’m going to improve my productivity.

I still have some RPG Maker projects to work on as well, but for now I’m focusing on my 3D models.  Take things one step at a time.

So, look for some new 3D art and models in the near future, I’m working on em!


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