Garden Project Update


I’ve been working and revising my Garden Project which has taken more time than I anticipated.  One problem has been getting used to the differences between Blender and Poser.  Both have their quirks and I’ve run into several issues with Poser 6’s older rendering engine.  I’ve also been rethinking the content of the project in order to improve it and provide a more useful kit.

I’ve been rethinking what I would include and decided to drop some planned items and replace them with other props so that the first set could be used to create a complete scene / setting for a render.  I’ve also been working on ways to make the props more versatile.  I’ve completely remapped the wall sections so that the texture maps are easier to customize as well as making it easier to mix different textures allowing the creation of additional combinations.

I’ve still got quite a bit of work to do to get this first set ready for release, but below are some test renders of two wall sections and the limestone texture set I’m developing.

Wall A Test4 Wall A Test3Wall B Test3  Wall B Test2

I plan to include 3 other texture sets, one brick, one granite block, and one marble.   In addition to adding a wall niche, I’d like to include a fountain prop that can be attached to any wall sections as well as a fountain that can be placed on the ground.  I am also considering other props such as a stone bench, stone urns, a small statue of some sort, and maybe a few decorative plant props to round out the set.


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