Garden Project


This week I’ve started a new project.  I’m creating a set of models intended as a sort of kit allowing 3D artists to create their own setting for their renders.  The theme is a formal garden.  I’m starting with the exterior walls done in sections that can be put together to form whatever shape or style garden is needed.  The exterior wall consists of wall sections and decorative columns which act as a sort of “connector” between wall sections.  The image below shows a straight wall and a curved wall section with one of each of the three different columns included in this set.  The human model is just for scale.

Garden Wall 07b

I’m working on several different wall sections, including a U-shaped alcove section, and and a straight section with a decorative wall niche.   The current images have temporary textures on them for these test renders.

Garden Wall 09b

Garden Wall 10b

There is still quite a bit of work to do, I have a full set of low interior walls to do.  I’m also planning a set of wrought iron gates with some interesting design work in them.  Also on my to do list are four textures sets for the walls, including a “dirty” aged set that would be good for an abandoned garden, cemetery, etc.   The idea is to make the whole prop set as versatile as possible.

This first Set – Basics, is planned to include the following:

  • Straight Exterior Wall
  • Curved Exterior Wall (90 degree turn)
  • Alcove Exterior Wall
  • Straight Exterior Wall w/ niche
  • Flat top Wall Column
  • Pyramid top Wall Column
  • Ball top Wall Column
  • Straight Border Wall
  • Curved Border Wall (90 degree turn)
  • Pyramid top Border Connector
  • Ball top Border Connector
  • Flat top Border Connector
  • Garden Gates
  • Ground Plane
  • 4 matching texture sets for all props
  • 2 ground textures, one grass and one stone

I plan to do more sets to continue expanding the kit.  Sets 2-4 will probably be more architectural props, paths, benches, fountains, and other decorative elements.  Sets 5 & 6 will likely be all plants, some trees and lots of flowering plants and hedges.   I may also do a Set 7 with decorative items such as garden statues and sculptures.

As the sets are finished and tested out, I intend to release them for sale at sites like Renderosity.   Stay tuned.

I’m also still working on my shaving kit freebie set which I hope to release next weekend.




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