I Shall Return


I didn’t make my weekly blog post last weekend.  I’ve had a few things going on and decided to take a little break.  I will be resuming my weekly blog posts this coming Saturday (May 24th).

In other news, my first two prop sets are still available at YURdigital, each is only $1.98.  I wish I could say sales have been great so far, but they haven’t been.  This has been something I’ve been considering, I realize YURdigital isn’t the largest vendor site out there (its a bit more difficult becoming a vendor at the larger sites so the whole thing is a process).  I’m still new at the 3D prop market and figuring out what users of Poser software want.  These first two products were mostly just to test the waters.  I had thought maybe some inexpensive furniture sets might interest people.   Currently, I’m considering doing larger prop sets, complete scenes, etc. as those seem to sell better even though they are more expensive (and take a lot more work).  I’m also considering stepping outside of 3D models for Poser software into the broader 3D resource market.  We’ll see how that goes, I’m still looking at the possibilities there.

I have not yet had the chance to buy the full version RPG Maker or develop any new events.  I do have an idea for an event I intend to write up soon, but for the most part development of RPG Maker events and ideas is on the back burner until I get the full version of the software.

On the art front, I’ve got some more 2D art I’m working on.  I’ve been focusing back on comic and manga styles as that something I’m still learning to master.   I’ve actually been a little frustrated with myself because I also have some more realistic digital paintings I’d like to try and some 3D scenes I’d like to render and there just isn’t enough time to do them all.   Some things will just have to wait til I can get to them, either that or move to a planet with a 40 hr day!

My creative fiction project continues to progress.  I’m still developing the setting which is becoming quite rich.  The ideas are just flowing and I’ll admit its been a pleasure to write like this again.  I am still unsure exactly what I’ll do with this setting, some short fiction certainly but I’m also really thinking it would be a good base for some novels and an table top RPG .

So, I’ve got a weekend blog article to work on and some art to get back to.  Seeya this weekend readers.


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