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Its been two weeks since my last blog post, which was not something I  intended.  I’ve been trying to keep to a schedule of a weekly blog post every Saturday.    That proved a little easier said than done.  The past two weeks I’ve been dealing with a mixture of burn out, frustration and some deep thinking.   The burn out doesn’t take much explaining, I’ve been pushing myself to work on various art projects, continue developing my art skills and continue learning more about multiple pieces of software (mainly Blender, Poser, and RPG Maker and now Daz Studio as well).   It was inevitable something had to give.

There has also been some frustration mixed in.  I haven’t been progressing in various areas as quickly as I had hoped.  For example, although I’m enjoying my graphic table and find myself using it more and more, I still haven’t developed the skill with it I had hoped I would by now.   I’m still unable to draw comics and other basic art with the speed and precision I would like and its been bothering me.  Its also taking longer to figure out what sells in the 3D marketplace than I anticipated and that’s been a little frustrating even though it wasn’t entirely unexpected.

So, the next week for me is going to be about trying to refocus my efforts and where I can narrow them down a bit.  But I also have realized I need to allow myself more time to just have fun.  I still need to focus on Blender and that’s where the main part of my focus is going to be for near future.  Currently, I’m working on a project creating a 3D model of a 1930’s style building.  It will have a store on the first floor, and a stackable upper floor of apartments.  The goal is to make it so that you can stack the parts (first floor, upper floors and a roof module) to make anything from a 2 story building to a 30 story building.  Right now I’m working out some design details, floor plans and so forth as I finish organizing the project.  I don’t anticipate the actual modeling will take that long.   This project will eventually be for sale, though I’m not sure how much; possibly in the $10 to $12 price range, but I won’t make any promises.

I still have things to learn about Poser, but I’m going to slow up on that.  I know enough to produce a variety of products for it for now.  I will be learning the basics of Daz Studio, enough that I can ensure my future projects (including the building model above) are compatible with Daz Studio.  Once I know enough to do that, that’s probably as far as I will go with it.

I wish I had time for RPG Maker, I had wanted to start doing tile sets and sprites for it, designing custom event scripts, etc.  But there’s just not time for it.  So for the time being I’m going to have to put that aside.  I’ll come back to it later when I have more free time and things are moving more smoothly in other areas.

I’d also hoped to be able to start doing commercial art soon, but that’s taking longer than I hoped as well.  It is not something I can afford to give up on, so in the weeks ahead I’m going to have to figure out a workable approach and try to get some commercial art out.  What I am considering is doing some sort of stock art and sell images with a commercial use licenses for between $20-$25 per image, that’s pretty cheap considering most such art runs anywhere from $50 to $200 per image.  I’m willing to do it cheap because I can do things I want to do as I have time and just have them out there.  Plus I also realize I’m still new and an unknown in the field, you gotta start somewhere.

Finally, I’ve come to a decision that may seem a little at odds with everything I’ve just said.  Believe me it hasn’t been an easy decision to make and I’ve really wrestled with it.   I’m officially announcing that I am starting work writing my own table top RPG for eventual publication.  This is going to be a huge undertaking and one that I anticipate will take a lot of time to complete.  Given that I’m already feeling spread a little thin on my 3D and 2D art projects this isn’t necessarily the smartest decision.  But it has three things going for it.  First, its not art.  Since most of it will involve writing it will give me something different to do than constant art related projects and that may provide just the distraction and alternative creative outlet I need.   Second, its something I have wanted to do for nearly 30 years now and for various reasons have kept putting off.  Despite that, the idea just wouldn’t die and over the last several years I’ve accumulated note files with a lot of ideas in them for both a game system and a setting.  I find myself feeling energized when I sit down to work on it, it is a good feeling.  I’ll talk more about the project in a separate post in the near future.  Third, the game is going to need art and that may provide some needed inspiration and direction for future art projects.  Its nice with things connect like that.   I will not be able to work on this project full time, in fact I’m going to have to give thought to just how much time I can devote to it, probably no more than 2 days out of a week.  But, having made the decision I can honestly say I feel good about it.  This is something I probably should have done 15-20 years ago, better late than never.

So that’s a wrap for this weekend.  Hopefully I’ll have some previews of my 3D building project soon as well as a bit more about my RPG project (which as yet doesn’t even have a name, for now I’m just calling it Known Space).  Wish me luck folks, I’m probably going to need it.


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