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Just posting an update, been busy with a lot of things.

Khan Academy

I’ve been working my way through both the Chemistry course and the Math courses.  In math I’ve been focusing on Geometry, which I remember pretty well but what has been interesting is rediscovering just how much I really do enjoy math.  Yes, I’m one of those strange people who actually likes, nay, enjoys math!  What makes that a little bit of a surprise to me is that back when I was in school, sometime in the 18th century (you get that is a joke, right?), I didn’t enjoy it.  Let’s just say I didn’t get along very well with most of my math teachers.  So while I was good at math, I didn’t really have a chance to enjoy it.  That being true, being able to go back and re-learn and refresh my math skills at my own pace has turned out to be a lot of fun for me.

Also, earning all the badges is surprisingly addictive.

If you haven’t visited Khan Academy, you can follow the link here.

RPG Maker

I’ve also been busy learning to use the RPG adventure engine software, RPG Maker.  So far I’ve been working my way through a tutorial a little each day learning how to create maps, use various features, script events, etc. as I slowly build my first game.  Right now I just have the free Lite version but I am planning to buy the full VX Ace version soon.  Eventually, I intend to make some demo games to give away free here on my site.  Game design is something I want to move into in the future and for me this is a basic first step towards that goal.  I’m also looking at how to make tile sets and sprites for the game engine and eventually may produce some for sale.

Drawing Eyes

I’m still learning to draw with my graphic tablet.  Although I’ve made progress I’m still no where near as good or comfortable with it as I am a paper pad and pencil, but I’m getting there.  As an exercise I’ve been practicing drawing eyes.  The results aren’t anything I’m going to share, yet; but I’m improving and maybe by next week I’ll have a sample sheet I can share.  One thing that has helped me a bit has been some tutorial video’s by Josiah Brooks, or Jazza.  You can find all his tutorial videos here.  I’ve found his video’s helpful while also being fun to watch.  Jazza focuses on comic and manga styles of art, which I’ve been learning to help me in doing concept art (which doesn’t need to be realistic but does need to be done quickly).  But he also uses a lot of digital tools and if, like me, you’ve been looking to improve then you might want to take a look.  Or just take a look anyway, he’ll make you laugh.   You can find Jazza’s tutorial on drawing eyes here.


As if the above weren’t keeping me busy enough I’m also back working in Blender after taking a break.  I’d gotten really frustrated with the garden project I had been working on.  There were several reasons for this, but mostly it had just grown into a really large project that was getting to be too much.  I’m not an expert in 3D modelling yet and there were things I wanted to do I was struggling with.  So, I’ve saved all the files (wonderful thing about digital projects, just save and come back to it later) and instead I’m focusing on some small projects that I can finish quickly.  These will be items I intend put out for sale, for now through other vendor sites, though I am looking into setting up a small store here as well.  More on that later.

3D Art

Not surprisingly, with everything else I haven’t had time to do any more new art to add to my galleries.  I really need to get back to this as I feel like my galleries are kind of empty right now.  Its not for lack of inspiration, I’ve got a couple of poems written that I’d like to do matching illustrations.  I also have some Victorian themed ideas and some sci-fi ideas.  Definitely need to work on my time management and make time to finish some more images.  Also, there’s a new version of the gallery software I use that I need to install.  I’ve waited on doing any updates as, at one point, an earlier update had some major bugs that pretty much crashed my whole site when I tried to install it.  I believe they’ve fixed all that and the new version has some nice features, again, just need to make time to look at the software and update.


So that’s the news for now.  This weekend I’m planning to publish an article I’ve been working on and have nearly finished writing.  More to come so stay tuned!


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