Life, Bork and stuff that happens while you were making plans.


The say life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

They have a point.

I haven’t kept up with my weekly blog post this past summer and that’s partly because I’ve been busy with too many irons in the fire (a bad habit of mine), unexpected things life handed me, and just being a bit tired.  It can be hard to write a weekly blog when you’re feeling drained and too many other things on you mined.  However, I’m going to make an effort to get back to my weekly schedule of posts.

Back in July I mentioned RPG Maker in a post.  Since then I’ve actually made a lot of progress learning the software.  That’s been in part due to some helpful advice from SoulPour777, PencilCase24, and Wavelength.  The later two have recently been helping me understand how the RGSS scripting works, something I hadn’t intended to tackle for several more months.  Life had other plans apparently…  Its a good thing however, and its getting me set up to roll right into using scripts very soon and possibly writing my own not long after.

BTW, here are two links to some tutorial videos on YouTube.  The first link is by MVision and covers all the basics.  The second link is a series of tutorials on the RGSS scripting language used by RPG Maker VX Ace.

MVision’s RPG Maker tutorial series

RGSS3 Scripting tutorials

So with all this progress I’ve been working on my first practice game, The Legend of Bork (which I first mentioned here).  Right now I have the world map drawn, the start area and intro scenes are done and I’m quickly working my way through the first quest area.  If I can keep it up I may have the game finished within a few weeks.  When I do finish it, I’ll share it here for free and you’ll be able to download it and play.  So far I’m having a lot of fun creating it and putting quite a bit of humor into the design.

Legend of Bork isn’t meant to be a serious attempt and creating a game, the project is very much tongue-in-cheek.  Since this is my first it would be a bit silly to expect to be able to produce a polished finished project that would meet anyone’s expectations.  Instead its meant to give me practice, a way of learning by doing.   As such I made some choices about the game from the start.  First, I would stick to using the default tilesets that come with the software.  They’re okay and will be fine for this first project.  Also, I’m not going to use any scripts for this project even though I probably could add some thanks to some help from others.   I want to keep the game simple and focus on just making solid maps, good use of the events,  and learn to create balanced encounters with the default monsters that come with the software.   I think that’s plenty for a first game.

Of course that’s just a beginning, there is a lot more to learn and a lot more that can be done with the software.  In fact now that I’m getting a better understanding of just how much actually can be done with RGSS, I’m getting a little excited about the possibilities.  So once I finish this first game there will of course have to be a sequel, The Legend of Bork II:  The Legend Continues.   For that project I do intend to put what I’m learning about scripts to use.  I’ll also add in some new tilesets and sprites I’ve gotten, and I want to make the quests and events more complex.   After that, as you might guess, there will be The Legend of Bork III:  The Final Chapter (I think).  For what I think will be my third and last practice project, I intend to put everything I’ve learned to continued use, plus add parallax mapping, and add my first custom tileset and sprites.  I’ll also make those tilesets and sprites available here for free.   By that point I think I should be ready to tackle my first serious game.  Hopefully by then I’ll have a good idea for one!  LOL

*kidding, I’ve actually already started a notefile of ideas for games*

Oh and if you’re looking for some free resources for RPG Maker VX Ace, I found this site.

But, that’s not my only RPG project.

More recently I mentioned I’m working on, or at least trying to find time to work on, a sci-fi game resource for generating star maps, planetary systems and planets.  It’ll be mainly for sci-fi tabletop RPGs like Traveller, but could be used by writers or anyone that needs to come up with a stellar or interstellar sci-fi setting.  I have a lot of the research done for the first part so its just a matter of organizing it and doing the writing and editing now.  That leaves two other parts in what I intend to be a 3 part series.  The first will focus on star maps and planetary systems.  Part II will focus on developing individual planets.  Then in Part III I’ll deal with developing life, including sentient life and civilizations.   All together it should give anyone plenty of resources for developing an original and plausible sci-fi setting from scratch.

As if that weren’t enough (wasn’t kidding about too many irons in the fire)…

I still have my creature project to finish.   Plus I need to get back to some 3D modelling projects to continue building up my catalog.  If I’m real lucky, I’ll find time for some more art as well.

If all that doesn’t clue you in as to just how tired I’ve been lately, last Tues I was actually too tired to watch Face Off!   I know… really.  (Sorry guys, will be watching next week, I promise.)

Alrighty, that’s all for now.  As always, keep being creative!


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