Below are some useful links to various sites related to digital art and graphics.

Chain Link Render2

  • Renderosity – Large artist community site, I am an active member here.
  • RuntimeDNA – Another artist community site.
  • Power Fusion 3D – Marketplace for 3D models
  • SmithMicro – produces the Poser software as well as other graphic and publishing software (the link takes you directly to their Poser software)
  • DAZ 3D – marketplace for a large selection of 3D models, many useable in Poser
  • Blender 3D – free 3D modelling software, surprisingly powerful and what I primarily use to make my 3D models
  • CGCookie – offers many video tutorials for Blender 3D
  • BlenderGuru – Andrew Price’s site offering tutorials for Blender 3D
  • BlendTuts – offers video tutorials for Blender 3D
  • Corel – makers of Paint Shop Pro, Corel Draw and other graphic software
  • GIMP – free graphic editing software
  • Filter Forge – a very useful bit of software for making original textures
  • CGTextures – Resource site with royalty free images for artists.

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