Making Candy


Last week I did a bit of 3D modelling for an illustration here.  I decided to add a short piece of creative writing entitled Candy Kisses and Waxen Lips, and I wanted to add a simple illustration that was relevant.  What better way for a digital artist to do so than to whip up a simple model of some candy.  So I spent a couple of hours on a Friday afternoon making 2 simple 3D models.   The first was a chocolate kiss, pretty simple model made using a spline lathed into a more or less chocolate drop shape.  The tip took a bit longer than it should have, I wasn’t paying attention and ended up making that part the hard way by stretching out the mesh and pulling it over and down, rather than picking a top loop and extruding it with the spin option and scaling the result.  But hey, that’s what I get for watching a movie while making models, right?  LOL

With the chocolate kiss mesh done, next up was the lips.  I’ll admit, I cheated and copied the mesh from a 3D head prop I happened to have.  Then used the Solidify modifier to give it thickness, a bit of vertex smoothing to round the edges and give it more of that soft wax shape and I was done.

candykissespromo As I was creating these I thought they’d be a nice freebie to give away over at Renderosity, so I pulled both mesh’s in Poser and began finishing them up there.  Poser uses MAT files, which are material node presents.  I set up a couple of simple ones, one for the chocolate and the other for the red wax which I think turned out pretty well.

That done, all that was left was to render my image in Poser and export the final version form my story page.   I also zipped up all the files and uploaded them at Renderosity, they are currently available in the Free Stuff section there.  If you happen to have an account there you can grab a copy free.  Just click the image to open Renderosity on a new page/tab.

My next free project is an old fashioned shaving kit, brush, soap, mug and straight razor.   Planning to include multiple textures for the set.




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