New Graphics, Projects and Commitments


Over the weekend I worked on checking various links and fixing a lot of them related to graphics in articles.  I also spent some time just looking at the site and thinking about where I want to go with it now . The site began as a personal site that I’ve tried to transition into a business site, probably not a smart choice,  but it’s the one I made. I’m not happy with where the site is now, I don’t think I’ve done as good a job making that transition as I should have.  So I spent some time thinking about what I really want the site to be and what I need to change to get there.

To start with, I wrote down what I want this site to focus on. That part was easy:

  • 3D graphics
  • Game development

That led to some decisions about things that need to go.  I’m going to be removing the photography page and some other items (like poetry and personal fiction) that really are just personal interests and hobbies.  This content will get moved to a new personal blog site I will be launching later.  I’m still debating about things related to education and science.  I admit, I don’t want to remove them because they are things I support and want to support as a business.  For now they stay but, I think in the future I’m going to focus more on either simply supporting what others are doing in those areas, or things happening in science that affect or inspire my work in 3D graphics and game design.

Next I gave some thought to how I want to change the appearance of the site. The site, in my opinion, still looks too much like a personal site. The nature photos, made from photos I actually took, don’t say “3D graphics & game design”. So those need to go and be replaced by graphics that convey that first impression I want to create. Sunday I did a few concept sketches of things I think will work better; images involving space ships, robots, fantasy castles, and game graphics. This is still very much a learning process for me, I’m not a web developer; creating and maintaining this site means I’m my own one many IT department.

My first graphic project is a some sort of interplanetary space ship, maybe some kind of science / exploration ship or freighter. So far I’ve gotten the rough 3D model concept done as I work out the “big” concepts of what it looks like, what different parts of the ship are for / do, etc. For engines, which I still have to make I’m thinking some sort of ion drives. Overall this design seem to be shaping up to be a semi-realistic / hard sci-fi design. Maybe its what a future mission to Mars or Europa might look like. When the project is finished I’ll do a render and use it in as one of the site banner graphics. I’ll also probably release the model itself for sale.

Rough concept model of an interplanetary space ship.  Modelled in Blender 3D.

Rough concept model of an interplanetary space ship. Modeled in Blender 3D.

 I’ve also got some concepts for a couple of 3D art pieces I’m working on to add to my site art gallery.  Both are still in the concept sketch phase.  No sneak peeks yet though.

If you’ve been checking in at my site the last few months you’ve probably noticed there hasn’t been much activity.  I could make a lot of excuses for this about work, life, illness, etc. all of which are true.  But the bottom line is really the lack of good habits.  I’m just going to be honest, my work habits have been horrible.  Again, I could make some excuses here about some pretty traumatic things that have happened in my life over the past few years, some big changes and upheavals that have kinda turned my life upside down… but, I’m not.  Because despite all those things, what gets any creative person through the tough times, the times when your creativity is just dead, is good work habits.  Habits like drawing and writing and reading every day; not when you feel like it, not when its convenient, not when you have spare time (because none of us ever does), but every day without excuse or exception.  I used to do these things, and then I stopped and that was a HUGE mistake.  The thing about mistakes though is you can always learn from them and correct them, and that’s where I am now.

Going forward I must rebuild the habit of drawing something, anything, every day.  Same with working on some kind of 3D model.  If I’m not working on a game project, I need to make time to at least spend 30 min brainstorming some game ideas or looking at what others are doing.  For the site, I need to add a new blog article every week at minimum; specifically every Saturday.   If I can do that, this site is going to explode with a lot of new activity and content.  But more than that, I’ll have taken a big step towards making this a viable career.  Knowing I need to do it and doing it are two different things.  I know going forward there are going to be days when its going to be hard to do these things, when I lack inspiration or am just in a funk.  Those days happen to us all, but I can’t afford to let them get the better of me anymore.  That’s 100% on me.

So, maybe this is a bit of a re-launch of the re-launch.  Like I said, this is a learning process for me and I’m pretty much on my own finding my way.  Expect some unexpected turns and bumps in the road ahead.

For those who have been patient, offered encouragement, or gave me the occasional kick in the butt, thanks.

As always, keep being creative!  (And here’s to me taking my own advice)


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