News and Updates for April 26th


I had intended to post an article on workflow this weekend but ironically my workflow for this past week got pretty thoroughly interrupted and I wasn’t able to get the article into a finished form I was happy with.  Got to love life’s little curve balls.

However its not all bad news, and in fact, its been a pretty interesting week.

Humans to Mars conference

If you missed the Humans to Mars conference, you missed a lot of great info about Mars, the ISS, and space exploration.  Have to say I learned quite a lot listening in.  I’ve wanted to do a 3D model project for some time showing what a future manned base or colony on Mars might look like.  But rather than doing just a purely artistic impression, I wanted to base my concept on real science and the ideas people were actually working on.  That has turned out to be a lot more challenging than I first imagined, in part because the science and progress towards that is rapidly evolving.  However, thanks to things like H2M conferences and a few helpful astrophysicists, I might be ready to tackle that project soon.

Lyrids meteor shower

I also hope some of you got to see the Lyrids meteor shower this past week.  I didn’t get to see much of it and didn’t get any pics.  Worse, I completely forgot to post a reminder about it last weekend.  I been a lazy space geek!  But at least there’s NASA to the rescue if you missed it… you can watch video of it here.

New 3D models

I’ve been working on sets of 3D models to sell direct to market.  I’ve almost finished with a set of cafeteria style tables and chairs and am working on textures for a Colonial set of tables and chairs.  One of my other surprises this week was talking with Clint Hawkins at YURdigital about marketing these prop sets through that site.  I had expected that process might take at least several weeks, I was wrong.  Assuming no further interruptions in my workflow, I should have the cafeteria set finished up and out for product testing by Monday at the latest.  That means it could be available for sale at YURdigital by next weekend, possibly sooner.  I’ll post another update when that happens.

This is a bit of a personal milestone for me, I’ve been wanting to start doing direct to market prop sets for awhile but had not been able to.  I’m really happy this is finally happening and appreciative to YURdigital for the opportunity.   Looking forward to working with them.  I’m hoping to have 20+ prop sets out for sale by year end.

The cafeteria set (test render below) will be priced at only $1.98 and includes two tables and a matching chair.  I’m setting the set up for use with Poser 9 or higher software, but will include the OBJ files for those using other applications.  The set will also include 18 shaders for use in Poser 9+ as well as a number of preset prop groups for easy placement in a scene.

Cafeteria table set 06

A second set to follow, a set of Colonial style wooden tables, chairs and stools will hopefully be finished and ready next weekend and possibly for sale soon after.  The test render below shows the prop set with a temporary texture.  The final version will have 6+ detailed texture sets.  It too will be only $1.98

I have two more table and chair sets sketched out in concept drawings and I’m working on some living room sets.  My goal is to create some inexpensive prop sets that can be used as “set dressing” for a variety of scenes.


I’ve been wanting to get back into writing fiction but haven’t had the time to devote to it.  Sometimes your creative side takes matters into its own hands.  This week I’ve had a flood of ideas for a fictional setting.  I don’t want to give away any details yet, but I’ve been pretty pleased with the way my note files have been filling up.  The setting still needs quite a bit of development, but I think it will be a great launch point for some new fiction.  Who knows, I may even use it as the basis for my own RPG.  I’ve played various RPGs for about 30 years now and I’ve long wanted to write my own.   We might just be seeing the beginning of that.

Well there you have it, that’s the news and updates for this week.  Wish me luck with the prop sales, that’s going to be a new adventure for me and I’m really not sure what to expect.  Next week is clearly going to be busy for me, I’ve also got some more art I’m working on so, lots of new stuff yet to come!

As always, keep being creative!

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. – Epictetus


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