I got a new Wacom Intuos graphics tablet first of the year and have been learning to use it.  However, I’d been having a really tough time drawing anything with it.  I couldn’t seem to get what I drew on the tablet to come out right on the screen and was getting really frustrated.  Turns out my graphics software doesn’t work well with my tablet and my dual monitor set up.  By temporarily disabling my second monitor I got my tablet working correctly with my graphic software and suddenly drawing with it got a LOT easier!

So I spent about an hour this evening, in between watching the 2014 Olympics, doing a practice exercise with my tablet.  Below is the result, the exercise was one of simulating metallic and reflective surfaces using shading.  All the shading was done by hand using the tablet.  While not great art, its good practice to develop skills I’ll later use in actual art pieces.  So hopefully will be seeing new 2D artwork out of me in the not too distant future!

metallic sphere 01b

If you’re interested in learning more about how I did this drawing you can watch this video, How to Shade Metal, by Josiah Brooks which I used as a guide.


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