Quick Update


With the holidays I’ve been pretty busy and distracted.  I’ve been working on finishing up a storage building for my parents which has kept me preoccupied.  In what spare time I’ve had left I’ve been working on a few things or rather mostly ideas for various projects.

I’ve continued to work on developing ideas for my table top RPG which now has the working title of SToRPS.  Not sure if I will keep that, I really wanted to use the name Chronicle but I think someone already has.  SToRPS is going to be just the generic core game mechanics and rules designed to a) handle any genre setting, and b) have an emphasis on rules that support story telling style RPGs.  So far I’ve mostly worked out what attributes characters will have and gotten a pretty good start on a skill system, skill and attribute tests, and a success system that allows for not only different degrees of success (or failure) but also allow players the option of “spending” their successes to achieve specific results in a skill test or in combat.  The real trick is trying to take some complex concepts and figure out simple ways of doing them, while also designing a combat resolution system that is fairly quick (or at least as quick as I can make it).  Once I get the the core of the rule system pretty well worked out (skills, combat, crafting & construction, magic, and a few other things) I’ll begin work on a pseudo-medieval fantasy genre setting for it.  Later I want to do a cyberpunk setting and then a far future space opera / sci-fi setting, but those will have to wait.  This project is going to be a LOT of work and will easily take a couple of years (and that’s probably being optimistic) to get the rules and first setting done.

I had a flash of inspiration for an alternate setting for the Traveller RPG which I may work on.  Right now its just a short collection of ideas and notes.  But it sounds like it would be an interesting project and maybe something I could get done next year.  Will depend on two things, whether I can fit it in with everything else and whether I think it would be worthwhile (i.e. profitable) to do considering the time it would take.

I’m working more with RPG Maker again.  I actually had a whole day yesterday to focus on just that.  I worked with some new scripts, learned to install and implement them which will expand what I can do in games.  I also spent some time working on building some complex dialog using condition branches and variables so that depending on the players actions dialog with NPCs can change quite a bit or just change subtly.  Its extra work but I think it adds more of a role play aspect to games and makes them more interesting.  This is especially true when you replay the game and find conversations with NPCs are different because you made different choices.  When I get the system perfected I will likely write a post / tutorial about it.

On the subject of RPG Maker, if you are making your own games and need sound effects I highly recommend this site FreeSound.org.  You’ll need to set up an account to download anything, but its completely free and they have an amazing collection of sound effects which can be used in games.  I’ve already found some nice tavern ambiance, sounds for a blacksmith, some village ambiance sounds, field / forest / nature ambiance, and lots of others.  Adding sound effects and background sounds to your game locations and events takes things up a notch, so its worth taking the time to add them.

I’m also working on Legend of Bork again, that’s been on hold for too long and I’m anxious to get it finished up.  I really want to get it done and the finished game uploaded.  Part of my rush is I want to start on Legend of Bork II, which will include a lot of the new scripting options I’ve been learning about.  There’s some really cool things to be done with that.  Plus I’m looking at getting the Luna engine, some maybe a more custom GUI as well.

I’m also working on some art projects and as part of that I’ve got a dress texture for the Ladies of the Court: Cassandra Dress; which when I get the texture finished I intend to put it up as a freebie.

I’m also getting back to the 3D cages project I had hoped to have out by Thanksgiving, oops.  Needless to say I missed that deadline.  But the project is nearly done, maybe one more week of work to have it wrapped up.

Fred, my creepy crawly 3d model is currently living in a virtual shoebox until I can find time to finish him, which sadly will probably be awhile.

I am thinking about re-enabling the comments option on this site.  I shut it down because mainly I was just getting hit by spam bots.  I’ve got some software installed that should eliminate that now, but I’m not sure if the comments option would be used.  Feel free to drop me a note and let me know what you think.

That’s about it for now.  Mostly for the next two weeks I’ll be trying to work on some of the above… and survive the holidays!

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, a happy New Year, and good health to all.  As always, keep being creative!


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