Short Fiction

Writing is one of my life long loves, and another of my creative outlets.  I started writing at an early age, perhaps 8 or 9 years old.  Writing is another way of expressing myself, of letting my mind roam to new places.  Those places might be historical or far into the future, realistic or impossible flights of fantasy.  That’s part of the wonderful thing about writing, it can transport you anywhere you want to go, anywhere you can imagine.   I believe there is a writer in all of us, a part of us that wants to imagine.  For most, its a part of themselves they don’t indulge except to read fiction and let the creation of another carry them away.  I hope, as a writer, that what you find here does that for you, sweeps you along and carries you to far off places.

This section of the site is a place to share some of my fiction, both old and new.