Something A Little Gothic


I’ve been working on getting back to work after some interruptions.  There’s still a great deal I want to learn how to do in Blender 3D.  So for some fun and practice I did a quick one day build of some Gothic architecture.  Its not really a cathedral, though many of the elements are there.  Mainly its was just practice at build the main architectural forms as clean meshes, and learning to do it efficiently.

For those interested in trying this yourself in Blender, I used this time lapse video by CG Creator as a general guide.

As in the video I started out with a simple square plane, cut in some circles and then used the Bevel tool to build the funnel shape that would be the basis of my fan arch ceiling and Gothic arches.  That rapidly turned into my first fan arch section with quarter columns at each corner.

I used the handy Quick Pipe tool to add some basic fluting and had some fun creating some interesting round capitals for my columns.  If you don’t have this tool yet, its free and I included the link above so you can grab it.

So far the shapes are mostly done with the Bevel tool (Cntl + B) and the Shrink / Flatten tool (Alt + S) which made creating all those rounded shapes and edges pretty quick and easy.  I spent more time thinking about what I wanted to create than actually creating it.  As I got used to using it I also go better at visualizing how to create the shapes I wanted.  I’m still no where near as good as the artist who did the time lapse above, but with some more practice I’m catching up.

Next I worked on the base of my columns.  This time I went through some reference images and tried to be a little more authentic to the Gothic style.  My first attempt I went a little nuts, so I deleted that and started over.  On my second attempt I came up with a shape I was happy with and even added in some round embossments just to dress it up a bit.

At this point I’ve nearly got my first section done and I’m pretty pleased with how its shaping up.  I added a little more piping on the ceiling and a decorative boss in the center of the lozenge (the area at the top of a fan arch is called the lozenge).  With that done I was ready to start applying some Array modifiers to build my “room”

You really have to love how quick you can build up things like this with that modifier!  Here’s a look up at the ceiling and the detail I added there.

That left constructing my wall / window panels.  I basically followed the video but added some additional touches and did a different medallion piece in the top of the window.  I probably could have done more and in the future I plan to; but for now this turned out pretty well.

So with that my build was pretty much complete.  I didn’t texture it because that wasn’t my goal in this case.  My focus was on just building a clean mesh while learning and practicing making many of the shapes used in Gothic architecture.  I wanted to master this for future projects.

So what’s next?

Well, starting over and rebuilding the whole thing.  Next time I want to try some different style columns, a higher center ceiling with lower sides, add one or more half round apses, and I want to do more with the window shapes.  Doing all that will give me practice at just about everything I need to build Gothic cathedrals and castles.

Once I get that done I want to draw out a floor plan, probably to some sort of palatial pseudo-medieval hall and build it!

I also need to spend more time learning about using the Cycles node set up in texturing.  I’ve barely scratched the surface of what it can do and I want to learn to get more out of it.  That will also include world and light settings as well as camera set ups to get much better renders.  My goal is to be able to do a really nice rendered scene in my medieval hall.

So that’s it for now, thanks for reading.  Be sure to check out CG Creator’s Youtube channel for some really good tutorials and time lapse videos.

And as always, keep being creative!



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