Stress vs. Creativity


I haven’t posted a lot lately and the truth is I’ve had a hard time getting much done lately.  One thing about doing graphics work is that creativity is a job essential, without it you’re dead in the water.   Unfortunately stress tends to put a serious dent in my creativity.  I’ve got several projects I’m working on as well as trying to continue to update my skills.  What I succeeded in doing is stressing myself out.

Tip:  Learn to pace yourself, just because you could push yourself and take on one more project doesn’t mean you should.  Find a comfortable work pace / load and stick to it.

So with 3 projects languishing and feeling myself growing more frustrated, what to do?  Sometimes you have to step back.  Do something totally different and distract yourself to snap out of that funk.  One thing about me though, if I’m not being creative I’m probably not happy.  It just in my blood.  So lesson learned I set my projects aside, took the pressure off, and did something creative just for fun.

I’ve never done comic style or manga style illustrations.  Even as a kid doing pencil sketches I strove for realism, which is not something you typically find in comics or manga.  That made it a challenge to try doing some illustrations.  So I’ve been spending time watching tutorials and learning some new skills, just for fun.  Its been refreshing and it has allowed me to step outside that pressure I was under and be creative just for the sake of creativity.   Now that I’m getting a handle on the two styles I’m hoping to add a couple new images to my gallery here, one of some sort of comic character and one manga, both original concepts.

But these skills are going to come in useful in the future in another way.  I’m beginning to move more in to 3D character modelling and for that I need to be able to develop concepts first.  That in turn means doing quick concept art and many of the skills I’m learning now will be great for that.

I’ll get back to my garden project and other projects towards the end of this month, come at it fresh and see how much I can get knocked out.

So stay tuned, next article I’m thinking will be on developing good workflow.


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