Stylized Outdoor Scene


Last week I made a simple mushroom as a practice exercise. It was a fun project but I decided it would be fun and good practice to do something more with it and create a simple scene. My idea was to create a simple and small stylized outdoor scene, starting with the mushroom and then adding some additional props. I just let the project evolve in whatever direction my imagination went and had fun with it.

The next thing I made was a simple wooden fence. Made from four cross pieces and two posts I modeled and assembled into a short section of fencing. The textures were all hand painted using my graphics tablet and Blender 3D 2.92.

The next item I decided to make were a couple of butterflies. I’ve not really done much in the way of making creatures, animals or insects so this was a little new for me but I think the little guys turned out alright. The monarch butterfly was painted using a stencil brush in Blender and the blue butterfly was entirely hand painted.

Next up was a simple tree. The trunk was made using a vertex path and then a skin modifier. UV unwrapped it and then did a lil texture painting to give it a bit more detail. The leaves were done with a particle system.

After that I made my grass clump and 3 simple flowers and added them to the grassy area using more particle systems to randomly distribute them. I then set up a sun lamp and an area lamp for lighting and rendered.

This isn’t the kind of models I usually make but it was a fun project and a nice change of pace. I think its good to explore things you don’t usually do, stretch yourself a bit.


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