Sun Animation Test


Been working on learning to make a realistic looking sun / star with animated surface, flares and light. I finally got something that I felt was worth showing. The project was created and rendered in Blender 3D 2.92, rendered using Eevee and took about a half hour to render 900 frames for 30 sec of video.

The surface detail is all procedurally created, including sun spots that fade in and out, as well as being animated. The flares arching over the surfaces are just curves made into tubes with another procedural shader, also animated. The light rays were added in rendering compositing using the Sunbeam filter.

There is more I’d like to do, various tweaks to add a bit more realism as well as visual interest to it. Getting this far I learned a lot and expanded my skill set. Some of the animations of the textures could be slowed down for more realism, but of an animated sci-fi space scene they might be alright as they are (nobody wants to sit and wait a hour to see something move slightly).

Hi Res Video (may not play on mobile devices)


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