Digital Canary (working title)

I’ve started writing some fiction again, my first story in years.  The reasons don’t really matter now except to say I’ve been in a very long creative dead zone.  Happily I seem to be breaking out of that and it feels very good to be writing again. The working title Continue Reading →

The Ecology Of…

For me, there are two sides to creature creation.  One is the artistic / visual side, or the question of “what does it look like”? Playing around with interesting and exotic ideas for what something might look like is half the fun.  But there’s another side of creature creation, the Continue Reading →

Fantasy RPGs

I’ve been thinking a lot about fantasy RPGs lately.  Maybe it was spending time at the Carolina Renaissance Festival or some research for an upcoming project creating 3D models of small castles; either way I’ve been missing the genre.  Working with RPG Maker, most of what I’ve been doing has Continue Reading →