Time Flies


Its the end of June which means this year is half over!   Doesn’t seem like 6 months have passed so quickly.  So far this has been a busy year for me.  A lot of that time has been spend learning new skills, new software, new tools, etc.  I’ve still got so much yet to learn to be able to do all the things I would like, but I’m getting there.   I haven’t added as much art to my galleries as I would have liked, that’s something I want to focus on a little more in the next six months, I’d like to double the number of images and especially add some more digital line art and digital paintings.  I have gotten my first to commercial 3D models done and out for sale and I’m currently working on a much more involved project that is starting to take shape (literally, I’ve just started constructing the object mesh).

Briefly, my current project is based on a request I had for a 1930’s style building.  It needs to have some type of store space on the first floor, apartments on the upper floors and it needs to have matching interiors that are modeled separately.  I’ve been doing research on building styles of that era, architectural details, and so forth.  I’ve also worked on some floor plans.  What I have at this point is a modular building set.  The model will have a ground floor with the store are and an upper floor that is stackable and finally a roof that can be added on top.  This will allow the end user to create anything from a 2 story building to a 30 story building as they desire.   I’m also splitting the building vertically into 3 sections, a front, middle and end section.   These will be done so that you can only use the front and end sections for a smaller building floor plan or add one or more middle sections to stretch the length of the building.  To top that off I plan to make the windows and exterior doors separate models that can be “snapped” into place, as well as some exterior architectural details to further allow the building appearance to be customized.  Now that I have floor plans and concept art for all this drawn up I can finally put my models together.   This is a much larger project than the simple table and chair sets I did previously, but sets like this also seem to sell better.  When finished, this project will be available at YURdigital and my intent is to make it fully compatible with both Poser 6+ and Daz Studio.   I’ll post some previews as soon as I get the mesh far enough along to have something to show.

I’ve continued to work on my RPG project in my spare time.  I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading, both fiction and research material to help put together ideas and I think I’ve got the beginning of a really interesting concept.  I’m still struggling with the game mechanics as I work on roughing out a skill system, combat and damage; there’s a lot to consider there and since those elements form the core of the game mechanics the choices I make here are pretty important.

I’d still like to find time to tinker with RPG Maker, Ruby Scripting, XML and Flash, but those are mostly on the back burner.  I’ve only got so many hours in a day and I’m already spreading myself a little thin on projects.  Still, they are things that interest me and which I want to work on.  I’ve got some computer game ideas I’d like to explore and develop when time permits.

That’s it for this week.  Check back next weekend, I will hopefully be sharing previous of my current 3D model project.  In the meantime, do something creative!


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