I haven’t been able to get as much done this week as I would have liked.  I’ve been battling a pretty bad toothache which has been more than a little distracting.  So unfortunately I don’t have much in the way of new images to show.  That’s not to say I haven’t been making some progress so here’s an update on where I’m at with various projects.


I did manage to get more of the cage models finished just last night.  I have one cage left to make and several props that will go with the set and then its just down to the texturing to have that project finished and ready to be packaged for testing before being sent to the vendor.  I should have some more screen caps next weekend so stay tuned.

Fred the Larvae

I did get Fred imported into Poser and a first try at rigging him for movement and animation which was semi-successful.  He did import correctly and I was able to rig him with the bones I had planned.  However, due to some inexperience on my part I realized afterwards I had at least 7 more bones in the figure than were actually necessary.  I also had trouble importing some of the morphs I’d made for him and I haven’t figured out why yet.  So I’ll be going back to my model mesh and eliminating at least 7 vertex groups by combining them with other groups plus I’ll be trying to figure out where I went wrong with some of the morph objects I created.  Its all part of the learning process with something new and I’m still happy that the results of the first attempt went as well as they did.  Once I get things figured out I’ll make another attempt at rigging Fred in Poser.  I still have the second step in rigging, setting up the spherical fall off areas that Poser uses, to try and I’m sure that will present some new challenges.

Legend of Bork

I haven’t gotten much done on my first game, so that portion of the project has been on hold.  Mostly its down to writing dialog and setting up some interactions at this point and I’ve found it a little hard to concentrate and be creative lately with the tooth ache.

RPG Maker

I have managed to work a bit more with the software and learned some new tricks with scripts and creating animations.  I’m hoping to do a small demo showing one trick I learned in the near future.  I’m also still learning RGSS3 as time allows, progress on that is slow.  I’ve mostly been looking at scripts others have made, learning to install them and where I can look at how they work.  Having working examples to of scripts to play with is helpful in learning what the code actually does.

Future Projects

I think my very next project once I get the cage set finished will be a set of fairy wings.  Yes, they’ve been done before and there are already several sets available for Poser.  However, I don’t own most of them and I’d like to have my own set.  I think its something I could make and have finished before the end of the year.  Beyond that I’m still planning to do a series of small castles / fortifications including a wooden motte and bailey, a fortified manor house, a Scottish round tower, a Norman tower keep and possibly one more.  I probably won’t be able to get started on those until after the 1st of the new year, and even at 1 per month that will keep me busy with projects for nearly half of next year.

That’s the news for this week.  Sorry there wasn’t more, this past week didn’t go exactly as planned so I’ll be working to catch up on some things.  See you next weekend, and as always, keep being creative!


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